I am Emeline, a French-born and London-based theatre producer. Welcome to LYN PRODUCTIONS, the platform where I will share my projects and develop my work as a theatre producer.

You can find me on Instagram or contact me at emeline[at]lynproductions.co.uk with any ideas, projects, collaborations – or just to say hello! Alternatively, you can use the contact form on the website. À très vite!

Current projects

Assistant Producer – Emmeline, Theatre Lab Company.
3 to 14 November at the Cockpit Theatre (London)

Emmeline follows the journey of the inspirational leader of the Suffrage movement on her life’s mission to achieve the vote for women. Delving into the dynamics of the Pankhurst family, Emmeline explores the tensions that arose between her and her daughter Sylvia on militant tactics and social values, emblematic of the conflicts that divided the movement. Does the end justify the means? Should the cause come first, no matter the personal cost?