About me

My name is Emeline, I am a French-born and London-based independent theatre producer.

I am currently working with several emerging playwrights and directors through Lyn Productions. I am particularly interested in new writing, supporting work focusing on female voices and political theatre.

My most recent credits include working with Theatre Lab Company on their latest play ‘Emmeline’ (Cockpit Theatre, Nov 2021) as Assistant Producer.

Before my career in theatre, I worked in public affairs in Paris for several years and ran my own online business. I also worked as the Arts administrator of a Drama School in London.

Being a French Producer in London

Working with a French theatre producer in London

As a French theatre producer established in London since October 2019, I am amongst the 9.3 million first generation migrants living in the UK. In London, 37% of the population is foreign-born.

Migrants theatre artists offer lived experiences and rich insights into many different cultures, creative practices and networks, contributing both to a more diverse and representative arts sector, as well as a more accurate representation of British society“.

Migrants in Theatre report “Creating a thriving environment for migrant theatre artists in the UK”.

As a migrant theatre maker, I have a dual identity which means I have a first-hand knowledge of another culture, language and narratives. Through my work in the UK, I can help:

  • Telling stories that reflect universal experiences, connections between cultures and empathy
  • Highlighting the importance of migration in British history and its contribution to British culture today.
  • Engaging with communities that might relate to a migrant experience: being a non-native speaker of the English language, settling in another country, finding your place and contribution to a society/culture which is not intially yours.

Contributing to making theatre in Britain is as important to me as it is to this industry in itself, to reflect the reality of British society today.

Within the theatre industry

I am a member of the Theatre Producer Portal, a hub for Producers, Writers and Investors to connect, share advice and opportunities.

As a French producer based in London, I am part of Migrants in Theatre, a UK-wide movement addressing the lack of representation and mis-representation of migrant artists in British theatre.

If you want to find out more about the values that drive my work, it’s here.

Photo: Natalya Micic