Welcome to LYN PRODUCTIONS, the platform I have set up to share my projects and develop my work as a theatre producer.

I am Emeline, a French-born and London-based theatre producer. Before moving to the UK a year ago, I used to work in public affairs in Paris. In 2017, I decided to set up my own business in Bordeaux. I am currently working as an administrator in a drama school in South Kensington.

This variety of careers and locations within the past 6 years tells something about me. I am curious, interested in people’s stories, new possibilities and learning about myself along the way.

Why a theatre producer?

I have always enjoyed theatre and the arts in general, but there is a shared belief that somehow the barriers to get there are too high, whether it’s the practicalities (connections, money and time) or the mindset (am I creative enough, is my work interesting enough?). That was me before, but not anymore. Instead of letting all the space to those who have set the narrative for ages, I want to use my experience in Paris and as an entrepreneur to add my voice and promote the ones that we need to hear more of. So why a producer? Well, why not!

Within the theatre industry

I am a member of the Theatre Producer Portal, a hub for Producers, Writers and Investors to connect, share advice and opportunities. Thanks to their “Breaking Down Barriers” programme, I am currently mentored by David Hutchinson, an Award-winning West End Producer and co-founder of Selladoor.

As a French producer based in London, I am taking part in various activities organised by Migrants in Theatre, a UK-wide movement addressing the lack of representation and mis-representation of migrant artists in British theatre.

In the future…

The current pandemic has put a hold on a lot of projects, including mine. But it’s also given us the time to reflect on how we want to contribute to the future of the theatre industry, what voices we want to promote and how to best serve the communities we are making the work for. That’s what I intend to do with LYN PRODUCTIONS.

If you want to find out more about the values that drive my work, it’s there.

Photo: Natalya Micic