Working with a French theatre producer in London

As a French theatre producer established in London since October 2019, I am amongst the 9.3 million first generation migrants living in the UK. In London, 37% of the population is foreign-born (source: Migrants in Theatre).

Migrants theatre artists offer lived experiences and rich insights into many different cultures, creative practices and networks, contributing both to a more diverse and representative arts sector, as well as a more accurate representation of British society“.


As a migrant theatre maker, I have a dual identity which means I have a first-hand knowledge of another culture, language and narratives. Through my work in the UK, I can help:

  • Telling stories that reflect universal experiences, connections between cultures and empathy
  • Highlighting the importance of migration in British history and its contribution to British culture today.
  • Engaging with communities that might relate to a migrant experience: being a non-native speaker of the English language, settling in another country, finding your place and contribution to a society/culture which is not intially yours.

These are all the aspects that I can bring to your projects. It doesn’t mean that I am only interested in telling stories that reflect my own experience, but I can definitely bring another perspective to your projects.

Contributing to making theatre in Britain is as important to me – as a way of giving back to this country which has given me so much – as it is to this industry in itself, to reflect the reality of British society today.

For more information, I highly encourage you to read the Migrants in Theatre report “Creating a thriving environment for migrant theatre artists in the UK”.