‘GEORGE’ by Léa des Garets

Well behaved women seldom make history”… By challenging gender boundaries through her personal life and art, the subversive French novelist Aurore Dupin refused to submit to 19th century male-dominated France and made history as George Sand, one of the most influential writers (of any gender) in Europe.

After an extensive phase of research in 2021, Léa is currently writing the first draft of ‘George’, a full-length play to be produced in 2022/23.

‘George’ – R&D at the New Diorama Theatre Broadgate

We were awarded a space at the New Diorama Theatre Broadgate in London in January 2022. During a week, we worked with a director, two actors and two panels of potential audience members to discuss the play, its themes, structure and storytelling and staging techniques to make this play the best theatrical experience possible.

To find out more about the play and the R&D process, check the video below.

Credits: photos by Annabel Ferguson