I came across a Producting Manifesto on Jake Orr’s website. As a theatre producer, he decided to state very clearly what values would guide the work he would be making. What a brilliant idea! Having a list of principles to refer to throughout my work is a great way to remember why I am making the work in the first place.

I want the team I work with to be growing through the process

Putting on a play is something you do as a team. I want the people I work with to be encouraged to grow. I want them to feel that working together has made them take a step further in their craft, learn something new about themselves or about a subject or skill they knew nothing about before. I want them to feel supported, whatever challenges they are facing. I want mental well-being to be put at the forefront.

I want the audience to be challenged and inspired

I want the theatre that I produce to be challenging and inspiring. To me, there is no better feeling than getting out of a theatre thinking: “here is a new perspective that I never thought about before, “I didn’t imagine that some people could feel that way” or “I will reconsider my opinion on so and so and I definitely want to investigate this topic more”. Whether it’s about a subject or aesthetics, I want the audience to feel that the work I produce has opened a door to something else and created a connection which maybe didn’t exist before.

I want to be…

  • Approchable and available for the people I work with
  • Transparent about my processes, especially when it comes to money
  • Engaging with the audience as much as possible and being open to their feedback
  • Creating opportunities for those who might not see their stories be told often on stage. As a first-generation migrant and a woman, I am aware that some narratives need to be challenged and the voices of some people need to be heard way more often. I want to be part of it.

This manifesto might evolve and grow in the future, as I will myself be changed by my work as a producer. But I want to make sure I always have some core values to refer to when making theatre.